FAQs: Austin Jet Ski Rentals

1. Is it really worth it to tow my rental instead of get it at the lake?

Our customers sure think so, and here's why:

The average cost to rent a single jet ski for a day in the Austin area is $75-85+/hr (a rate only given for 6-8 hour rentals). Shorter rentals are charged $95+/hr in most cases. This means that renting for 8 hours will cost you a minimum of $600+ per day, per ski.

If you are planning to only ride a single ski for 1 or 2 hours the hourly cost will run you $100-$150 per hour with most rental companies.

The cost to rent a single jet ski from GoGo for the day starts at $225. That's $28 per hour. In fact, a pair of jet skis starts at $345 which is only $21/hour.

**That means you can get a pair of jet skis from GoGo for just over half the cost of a single jet ski from the other guys.**

That affordability, coupled with the freedom to enjoy your rental at any lake you choose is why we, and the customers we serve, find it well worth it to tow (besides, it's a fun and simple part of the experience!)

2. How does it work? What are the steps?

GoGo Jet Ski Rentals makes it easy and affordable to rent jet skis for your next trip to your favorite lake in Austin and beyond.

  1. First, book your reservation now by calling (512) 755-7161.
  2. Next, come to our location in South Austin and pickup your rental jet skis (they will be ready to tow on a trailer for you). We'll go over safe towing, safe operation, answer any questions you have and complete the required paperwork.
  3. After that you're off and ready to enjoy the lake! Just be sure to stay out of saltwater and north of Mexico.

3. What are the pickup and drop off times?

In order to maximize your vacation time and provide a streamlined check-in and check-out process we follow this schedule:

Pickups take place between 8am-10am on your scheduled rental day.

**Early pickup (between 6pm-8pm the night before) is available for an additional $100**

Returns take place the evening of last rental day between 4pm-6pm.

**Extended returns (by 10am the following morning) available for an additional $100.**

Early Pickup/Extended Return must be scheduled at time of reservation, or late fees may be applied.

4. What do I need to schedule a reservation?

  1. Must be 21 years old to rent. 
  2. Valid Driver's License 
  3. Major Credit Card for Reservation Deposit

When you come to pick up the rental jet skis you'll need:

  • Valid Driver's License (and pictures/copies of the Licenses of everyone who will be operating the skis)
  • Proof of Auto Insurance (since you'll be towing)
  • Depending on age, TX Boater Ed. Certificate* (copies/pictures acceptable, see below)

*Anyone born after Sept 1, 1993 must have a TX boater education certificate to operate a jet ski as required by TX law. These are not required to ride a jet ski as a passenger.

4b. "Wait? Everyone has to be 21 to ride or drive the jet skis?"

The person reserving the jet ski rental and paying for the rental deposit must be at least 21.

Riders of any age may ride as a passenger on the jet skis as long as they are wearing a type III Personal Flotation Device (PFD), included with the rental.

In order to drive/operate the jet skis, the operator must be at least 18 years old and must have a TX Boater's education certificate if they are born on or after Sept 1, 1993 (per TX law).

The Boater's Ed courses recommended by TPWD are available here at this link, make sure you keep the certificate information so we can verify it at the time of your rental.

This course can take a few hours to complete, so make sure you do it before you want to ride!

5. What kind of equipment do you rent?

We've got a terrific fleet of jet skis, to serve our customers in the Austin and Central TX area.

Our fleet is comprised of 2018 Seadoo Sparks with Reverse/Brakes and the upgraded 900 H.O ACE Rotax engine. These skis are quick, punchy and light enough for most vehicles to tow easily.

They are in excellent condition for you and your guests to enjoy at your favorite lake!

For more information, see our Pricing page or call 512-755-7161 for additional details.

2018 Seadoo Spark with Reverse

GoGo Jetski Rentals Austin Texas, LBJ, Lake Austin, Travis, Kingsland

6. "What do I need to tow the trailer? I've never towed before, help!"

 The requirements are:

  1. Vehicle with a tow hitch and receiver.
  2. Towing capacity of 1500-2500lbs (based on which jet skis you rent)
  3. 2 inch ball.
  4. 4 pole or "flat 4" wiring connector (or adapter).

We'll inspect your vehicle's towing setup before you head out, so that you can be comfortable, safe and confident during your rental.

See our Resources page where we provide tips, pointers and requirements for towing and using our equipment.

If you don't have a hitch installed, we recommend UHAUL to rent a pickup or install a hitch onto your vehicle.  TURO has also been very helpful for our customers to rent tow vehicles.

The cost is quite reasonable and the money you save ($100-$400 per day, per ski) on a one day rental with GoGo can typically cover the cost of having your hitch installed, making it even more affordable to rent from us in the future.

7. Where can I take the jet skis I've rented?

One of the best aspects of GoGo Jet Ski Rentals is that it makes it possible for you to take your jet skis to any lake of your choosing in the USA. This is great since it allows you to take advantage of less crowded lakes, lakes that do not have any rental options or adjust to a last minute change of conditions.

Whatever location you choose, you can be sure you're getting the best deal to get on the water. 

Some of our favorite lakes to visit and rent out jet skis:

  • Lake Austin
  • Lake Travis
  • Lake Georgetown (40 min N)
  • Lake LBJ (1-1.5 hours NW)
  • Inks Lake (1.5 hours NW)
  • Lake Buchanan (1.5 hours NW)
  • Marble Falls (1 hour NW)
  • Canyon Lake (1 hour Southeast)
  • Stillhouse hollow lake (1 hour North)
  • Belton lake (1 hour North)
  • Granger lake (50 min Northeast)
  • Lake Bastrop (45 min East)
  • Lake Waco (1.5-2 hours North)
  • Lake Creek Lake (2 hours North)
  • Somerville Lake (1.5 hours East)
  • Lake Livingston (3 hours East)
  • Possum Kingdom Lake (4 hours North)

8. What does my rental payment cover?

Your rental fees cover your jet skis, your trailer, gas cans, 2 life vests per ski, and all required safety equipment. 

9. What is your booking/cancellation policy?

To book/confirm your reservation, we process the Refundable Damage Deposit ($400 per ski) over the phone at the time the reservation is made. $100 of this deposit is earmarked as a reservation deposit should there be a cancellation before the rental period.

Assuming there is no damage, the full deposit amount is refunded the day you return with the jet skis.

If you cancel at least 48 hours prior to your reservation, any payments you've made (except $100 portion of the damage deposit) is refundable.

If a jet ski pickup is "no-showed" or cancelled within 48 hours of the reservation, the rental fees will be taken out of your damage deposit, and the remainder of your deposit will be returned.

If you have any booking, process or contract questions, call 512-755-7161.

10. What happens if I wreck a ski/crash/get stuck?

First and foremost, if any type of crash or accident occur please ensure the safety of anyone involved. Jet skis are high powered machines and should always be operated with that in mind.

Riding with caution within our guidelines and the TX boating laws will limit the chances of an accident to the greatest extent possible, though naturally they're called "accidents" for a reason. 

As part of the rental agreement, renters are responsible for the jet ski and any damages (negligent, accidental or otherwise) that may occur during the rental period. Likewise, the renters are responsible for returning the ski back to GoGo and any costs associated with doing so.

If for some reason a ski is lost, submerged, stuck, run aground, etc. call us and we will do our best to help you facilitate retrieval of the ski. Again, safety is of the utmost importance so please ensure anyone involved in any type of incident is safe as a priority.

11. Do I need to re-trailer the jet skis every night on a multi-day rental?

You are responsible for any damage to the jet skis during your rental period, so make sure that you take care of the skis the way you would if they belonged to you. 

If you have a safe jet ski dock/lift where you're staying, feel free to store your jet skis there overnight. If you don't have a safe place on the water to store them overnight, then we require that you put the skis back on the trailer for the night.

Most lake resorts and rental homes on the lake have jet ski docks/lifts that can be used or rented for a few dollars a night, so check out your accommodation to ensure you can plan for this requirement.